14hive Solutions

Collaboration with purpose


At its core, we're facilitators. We create custom web applications to facilitate collaboration between our clients and their clients, between our clients and their employees. And we do it all with Microsoft technologies.

We've witnessed explosive growth with businesses that embrace collaboration. With Microsoft SharePoint, the industry leader in data and records management, we've been delivering custom enterprise solutions to our clients for years, and in so doing, they've realized gains not previously imagined.

To keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of our clients and ever-evolving technology advances, we expanded. Being early adopters of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we could provide clients with fresh perspective and exciting new ways to collaborate and flourish. 



We specialize in web applications. But many small- to medium-sized companies tell us they have nor the budget or inclination to manage a comprehensive IT infrastructure. So we've taken the same core competencies on-premises, and we've moved them to the cloud. 

Relying on the Microsoft Cloud we can create and deploy web applications for cost-conscious and IT-weary clients, that scale for their growing businesses.

With the Microsoft Office 365 platform, we can still leverage the power of SharePoint and Dynamics CRM in the cloud to deliver rich applications that keeps businesses connected to their clients and employees.

Today's business ecosystem is as much a story about mobility and flexibility as it is convenience. Our clients want to seamlessly collaborate from their laptops, to their mobile phones, to their tablets.

Using cutting-edge Microsoft development tools, we can quickly right-size our solutions for different platforms and devices. From on-premises, to the cloud, to mobile, we can quickly adapt to our client's changing needs.

With mobile and cloud setting the narrative, server-side development is quickly fading. We've embraced the client-side programming paradigm and taken full advantage of a wide-ranging set of industry tools to continue to deliver rich and interactive web experiences, without the endless server refreshes or downtimes.  



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